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NC DNS Updater Changelog

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NC DNS Updater Install Package

Use NC DNS Updater Install Package to setup NC DNS Updater on you Mac OS X and start updating your Namecheap dynamic domains automatically.

NC DNS Updater v2.2 – Released 2015-05-29

Minor update. Just some network code optimization.

NC DNS Updater v2.1 – Released 2015-01-28

This is a major milestone for NC DNS Updater, because it includes two of the most requested features: install package and execution as a daemon.

This is probably the last major release before NC DNS Updater goes to the Mac App Store. Enjoy!

IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s advised that any previous versions of the app are deleted prior to installing this release.

  • New Feature: Now the app is distributed via Installation Package.
  • New Feature: Runs as a daemon. This is a major improvement, because now IP updates are executed without the need of a logged in user. Also, the app doesn’t have to be running all the time, it just serves as a settings window for configuring the hosts and parameters.
  • New Feature: Improved activity logging.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug in updating “@” hosts.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where the current IP wasn’t correctly shown after an update request was issued.

NC DNS Updater v1.9 – Released 2015-01-21

  • New Feature: Updates are no longer interval based. Now the updates occur on-demand when an IP change is detected.
  • New Feature: UI refinements for better user experience.
  • New Feature: Detailed information about host update status.
  • Bug Fix (Thanks to all the users that helped track these bugs down!): Fixed some app crashing bugs introduced in previous releases. This release is significantly more stable.

NC DNS Updater v1.8 – Released 2015-01-19

  • New Feature: Better error handling and logging.
  • New Feature: Handle Namecheap’s response to update request.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed some app crashing bugs.

NC DNS Updater v1.7 – Released 2015-01-12

IMPORTANT NOTE: If upgrading from v1.4, it may be necessary to delete the contents of folder ~\Library\Application Support\com.laratech.NC_DNS_Updater. To do so, run the following command in terminal:

rm -d -r ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.laratech.NC_DNS_Updater/

This update contains a lot of user requested features. I would like to thank Raymond Othenin-Girard and Brandon Jones for the feedback they have provided and the attention they have given to the app.

  • New Feature (user requested – Thanks Raymond): The host’s status indicator now shows if the IP update has propagated:
    • RED = host is disabled and won’t be updated;
    • ORANGE = host update is enabled, but the update hasn’t taken effect yet;
    • GREEN = The IP update has propagated.
  • New Feature (user requested – Thanks Raymond): App launches silently and no window opens if it has a valid configuration. At first launch or if there’s no valid configuration, the app opens the settings window.
  • Feature Improvement (user requested – Thanks Raymond): Overall UI improvements. The switches are now clearer as to their current state (ON/OFF).
  • Bug Fix (Thanks Brandon): Overall typo correction in app and website.

NC DNS Updater v1.6 – Released 2015-01-05

  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue with saving/deleting domains.

NC DNS Updater v1.5 – Released 2014-12-12

  • New Feature (user requested – Thanks Raymond): Allow updating the domain with external (internet) or internal (network) IP address.
  • Bug Fix: Minor bug fixes.

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