SwiftSketch + Keyboard

app-logoWhy write if you can sketch? SwiftSketch + Keyboard is a great way to send your messages as quick sketches in all apps that support images, such as WhatsApp, SnapChat, iMessage, etc.

It’s fast and easy. Use SwiftSketch + Keyboard to draw and then just copy and paste the sketch into your favorite app.

Features include:

  • Rich color palette;
  • Selectable stroke width;
  • Easy and intuitive UI for making quick sketches;
  • Copy to clipboard button quickly makes your sketch available to be pasted;
  • Easily sketch over photos (great for making quick observations and notes);
  • Undo button;
  • Save to photo album.
4-inch (iPhone 5) - Screenshot 3 4-inch (iPhone 5) - Screenshot 24-inch (iPhone 5) - Screenshot 1

One comment

  1. Hi SwiftSketch + Keyboard Team,

    I wanted to reach out because I came across your app and thought there could be a great way to work together. I work on growth and partnerships at imoji, the largest and most robust sticker database in the world. We recently released a free SDK for developers to integrate all of our sticker content and tools directly into their applications.

    Partners who have integrated the SDK are getting great feedback and reporting strong increases in user engagement. Please let me know if you are free to chat, or could point me in the right direction.


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